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Since the Great Rift opened, the galaxy has been engulfed in unnatural phenomena and ferocious warfare, and psychic mutation is rife across the Imperium. Humanity’s response has been the Indomitus Crusade, which now reaches the mysterious Pariah Nexus. It’s a mysterious area of calm in a tumultuous galaxy, and here, the Necrons have begun their own plan to reclaim the galaxy and fend off the storms of growing psychic energy.

Pariah includes the details of Humanity’s horrific battles within the Pariah Nexus, along with new missions to let you recreate the key battles of the war. There are rules for using the Inquisition in Warhammer 40,000 including datasheets, Stratagems, Warlord Traits, the Telethesia psychic discipline, and now it’s easier than ever for them to join Imperium forces. You’ll also get access to new Theatres of War rules. These recreate conflicts from the Psychic Awakening series that let you fight everywhere from perilous jungles to devoured worlds.

The final chapter of the Psychic Awakening saga!

Pariah features datasheets for four heroes and villains of the 41st Millennium. First up is Illuminor Szeras, the genius/maniac (delete as applicable) behind Necron biotransference. Now he stalks the galaxy seeking the secrets of life and new ways to augment Necron technology. He’s been working on his own body since we last saw him – it’s now larger, features some mysterious blackstone, and grants him the ability to manipulate energy at the atomic level.